Steering Quickeners
These steering reducers are designed for race cars that run on different size race tracks that need different ratio steering to go from short tracks to long tracks. They can also be used on dirt cars when the track conditions change requiring a faster or slower steering ratio. They eliminate the need to by several rack and pinion units, also eliminating the need to do a bump steer on the car each time the rack is changed. Simply install a 3" rack and pinion in the car and adjust the steering ratio with the proper steering reducer as needed. Clamp-on mount sold seperately.

Item #: 22369
Price: $127.77
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
22369Steering Quickener-1.5 to 1-Two Bolt$127.77
22370Steering Quickener-2 to 1-Two Bolt$127.77
22080Steering Quickener-1.5 to 1-Three Bolt$175.26
22380Steering Quickener-2 to 1-Three Bolt$175.26
22352Steering Quickener-1.5 to 1-Ball Mount$195.74
22350Steering Quickener-2 to 1 Ball Mount$195.74
22356Steering Shaft Mount-1 3/4"-7-Bolt$88.07
22377Steering Shaft Mount-1 3/4"-5-Bolt$91.35

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