Air Spring / Air Bump
This air spring features a progressive rate design. Increase or decrease rate by adjusting the rate screw on the reservoir. The air bump spring makes adjusting the bump rate and height simple and quick. Simply adjust the air pressure for correct rate and the height adjuster nut for proper height. Remote reservoir features clamp on brackets to attach to bay bar. Note: Kit includes Air Spring, Air Reservoir, Air Valve, Order Hose separately according to length needed. Air Bump sold separately.

Item #: 30487
Price: $374.50
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
30487Air Spring, Air Reservoir, Penske, 16mm Shaft$374.50
30489Air Bump Stop, Penske, Fine Thread$160.50
30492Air Bump Stop, Penske, Coarse Thread$160.50
30493Air Bump Stop, Pro Shock$160.50
30491Air Spring Reservoir$320.95
30809O-Ring Kit, Air Spring$8.29
30810O-Ring Kit, Air Reservoir$6.25
30811O-Ring Kit, Bump Spring, Penske$8.29
30812O-Ring Kit, Bump Spring, Pro$8.29

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