Bellhousing, Chevy, Rear Mount, Tilton / Sonic
Sonic aluminum rear-mount starter packages are specifically designed for short track, late model racing. These packages are ideal for any late model-style class that allows small diameter clutches and flywheels, reverse-mount starters, and aluminum bellhousings. Tilton has taken many proven design concepts found in the UTGC packages and mated them to cost effective manufacturing processes and materials. The result is quality, no-frills driveline packages for the hard core short track racer. It Features: An aluminum bellhousing that is incredibly rigid and strong with maximum ground clearance. and weighs only 11.4 pounds. The 5.5" clutches offer excellent acceleration and deceleration through a low moment of enertia, and are available in 2 or 3 plate versions. The 105-tooth flywheel is machined from top quality, pre-heat treated 4140 steel and provides a lower moment of inertia over the competitors 110 tooth version. The rear mount starter features a 1.4 kW, 9 tooth pinion gear with proven gear reduction design and is interchangeable with Quarter Master rear-mount starters. The hydraulic release bearing mounts directly to the bellhousing and all clearances are preset from the factory. Once installed, bearing clearance will never need to be adjusted over the life of the clutch. "WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm."

Item #: 20985
Price: $349.99
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
20985Bellhousing-Chevy-Rear Mount-Tilton / Sonic$349.99
20986Bellhousing-Ford-Rear Mount-Tilton / Sonic$349.99
20988Clutch Cover-Press. Plate-Floater Plate-2-Plate-Mach II$403.80
20996Clutch-Pressure Plate-5.5"-Mach-II$119.95
20997Clutch-Floater Plate-5.5"-Mach-II$81.90
21018Clutch-Flywheel-105 Tooth-Chevy Early Crank$430.99
21026Clutch-Flywheel-105 Tooth-Chevy (LS)$430.99
21023Clutch-Flywheel-105 Tooth-Small Block Ford$430.99
21035Bolt Kit-Mach-II-3-Plate-Clutch To Flywheel$36.89
21037Bolt Kit-Mach-II-2-Plate-Clutch To Flywheel$36.89
21041Bolt Kit-Flywheel To Crankshaft$33.58

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Bellhousing, Chevy, Rear Mount, Tilton / Sonic

Bellhousing, Chevy, Rear Mount, Tilton / Sonic
SKU:  20985
Price: $349.99

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