CD Adjuster, Penske
"WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm."

Item #: 8100CD
Price: $239.95
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
8100CDCD Adjuster-Penske$239.95
6013-02Shock-Air Valve-Penske$14.75
6013-04Valve Core-2000 PSI-Penske$2.69
6013-06Valve Cap-Penske$1.04
6009-06Shock-Retaining Ring-Wire$3.09
6028-02Shock-Reservoir Cap-Penske$30.43
6001-35O-Ring-Reservoir Piston$3.41
6025-00Shock-Piston Band-Reservoir-Penske$17.06
6024-02Shock-Reservoir Piston$33.64
6056-70Shock-Reservoir Body-7"$81.00
6056-55Shock-Reservoir Body-5.5"$81.00
6005-24Socket Head Cap Screw-Penske$1.03
6016-03Shock-Shim-Blow Off-Penske$2.55
6008-04Dowel Pin-CD Check Valve$3.49
6007-04Check Valve-CD-Steel Ball$1.40
6008-10Check Ball Spring$3.49
6014-?Hose-4" Thru 36" 1" Increments$36.85
6005-08Shock-Detent Set Screw-Penske$1.04
6008-14Shock-Detent Spring-Penske$0.10
6007-02Shock-Detent Ball-Penske$1.04
6022-02CD Housing-Penske$54.58
6001-05O-Ring (CD Drum)$0.85
6022-04CD Drum-Penske$57.29
6001-84O-Ring-CD Drum$1.04
6005-02Shock-Set Screw-CD Knob-Penske$1.57
6009-02Shock-Retaining Ring-CD Drum$1.04
6014-10Hose (10")$36.69
6014-11Hose (11")$36.89
6014-12Hose (12")$37.29
6014-13Hose (13")$37.49
6014-14Hose (14")$37.89
6022-06CD Knob-Penske$33.26

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