Clutch, 5.5", Triple And Four Disc
This lightweight (9-1/2 lbs.) small diameter (5-1/2") clutch greatly reduces the moment of enertia over stock type clutches while still maintaining a high torque capacity. The open drive design decreases heat build-up and binding caused by accumulation of clutch friction dust and other debris. Clutch disc uses superior friction materials for extended exposure to severe stress and heat. Also available in a two disc version (8-lbs.) and a four disc version (11-lbs.). Clutch kit comes with clutch assembly, throw-out bearing and flywheel bolts. Available as a button style or a one piece flywheel with 105 tooth ring gear. "WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm."

Item #: 395-200
Price: $700.85
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
13323Clutch Disc-5.5" Outer-1 1/8-10 Spline$92.79
13324Clutch Disc-5.5" Outer-1 5/32-26 Spline$92.79
13325Clutch Disc-5.5" Outer-1 1/16-10 Spline$92.79
395-200Clutch-5.5"-3 Disc-Chevy-1 1/8"-10$700.85
21970Clutch-5.5"-3 Disc-1 1/8"-10-Chevy-86 Newer$700.85
395-450Clutch-5.5"-3 Disc-With 105 Tooth Ring Gear-Chevy$786.85
21974Clutch-5.5"-3 Disc-1 1/8"-10-105 Flyweel-86 Newer$749.38
395-250Clutch-6"-3 Disc-Chevy-1 5/32"-26$700.85
21971Clutch-5.5"-3 Disc-1 5/32"-26-86 Newer$700.85
395-455Clutch-5.5"-3 Disc-1 5/32"-26 Spline-86 Or Newer$786.85
21975Clutch-5.5"-3 Disc-1 5/32"-26-105 Flywheel-86 Newer$786.85
395-255Clutch-5.5"-3 Disc-Ford-1 1/16"-10$700.85
395-260Clutch-1600 CC Ford-5.5"-2 Disc$778.70
395-261Clutch-2300 CC Ford-5.5"-2 Disc$778.70
21972Clutch-5.5"-4 Disc-1 1/8"-10-86 Or Newer$1,169.80
21976Clutch-5.5"-4 Disc-1 1/8"-10-105 Flywheel-86 Newer$1,260.02
395-350Clutch-Chevy-5.5"-4 Disc-1 5/32"-26$1,169.80
21973Clutch-5.5"-4 Disc-1 5/32"-26-86 Or Newer$1,117.51
21977Clutch-5.5"-4 Disc-1 5/32"-26-105 Flywheel-86 Newer$1,260.02
395-355Clutch-Ford-5.5"-4 Disc$1,169.80
19665Clutch-5.5"-2 Disc-Chevy-1 1/8"-10 Spline$778.70
21978Clutch-5.5"-2 Disc-1 1/8"-10-86 Or Newer$778.70
19666Clutch-5.5"-2 Disc-Chevy 1 5/32"-26 Spline$778.70
21979Clutch-5.5"-2 Disc-1 5/32"-26-86 Or Newer$778.70
395-400Clutch-Flywheel With 105 Tooth Ring Gear-Chevy$242.06
21851Clutch-Flywheel-Chevy-105 Tooth-86 Or Newer$242.06
395-202Clutch-Flywheel-Button Style-Chevy$112.65
21850Clutch-Flywheel-Button-Chevy-86 Or Newer$116.93
395-216Clutch-Flywheel-5.5"-Small Block Ford$138.50
395-217Clutch-Flywheel-1600 CC Ford$138.50
395-222Clutch-Flywheel-2300 CC Ford$138.50
395-219Drive Button-2 Disc$12.33
395-204Drive Button-3 Disc$12.33
395-218Drive Button-4 Disc$12.33
21328Drive Bolt-Nut And Washer-2-Disc-Each$2.53
21329Drive Bolt-Nut And Washer-3-Disc-Each$2.53
21330Drive Bolt-Nut And Washer-4-Disc-Each$2.53
13326Clutch Disc-5.5" Inner-1 1/8-10 Spline$92.79
13327Clutch Disc-5.5" Inner-1 5/32-26 Spline$92.79
13328Clutch Disc-5.5" Inner-1 1/16-10 Spline$92.79
395-213Clutch-Floater Plate$74.66
395-201Clutch-Pressure Plate-5.5"-Coleman$99.95
395-207Clutch Cover Assembly-5.5"$221.64
395-203Clutch-Diaphragm Spring-5.5" Clutch$40.89
395-214Clutch Pack-Chevy 3-Disc-1 1/8" x 10$259.55
395-215Clutch Pack-Chevy 3-Disc-1 5/32" x 26$259.55
395-314Clutch Pack-Chevy 4 Disc-1 1/8" x 10$343.76
395-315Clutch Pack-Chevy 4 Disc-1 5/32" x 26$343.76
395-220Clutch Pack-3-Disc Ford-1 1/16" x 10$259.55
395-320Clutch Pack-Ford 4 Disc-1 1/16" x 10$343.76
395-221Clutch Pack-2 Disc-Ford 4 Cylinder-1" x 23$172.05

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