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Gears, Pro-Lite

Price: $95.49

Pro-Lite gears by Coleman are designed to be used in limited late models or
Brake Rotor, 8 Bolt 7", 1 1/4" Lightweight, Straight Vane

Price: $64.54

These rotors fit standard wide-5 hubs, 5 x 5 hubs and rotor mounting hats w
Driveshaft, Steel, Pro-Lite

Price: $209.93

These driveshafts and yokes are intended for use on limited horsepower race
Lightweight, 2 speed Transmission

Price: $2,173.49

This lightweight 2 speed transmission has the lightest rotating mass availa
Upper Control Arm, Adjustable with Integral Ball Joint

Price: $242.34

These upper control arms feature our integral ball joints with adjustable l
**NEW FOR 2016**  Adjustable Throttle Pedal

Price: $199.99

This throttle pedal features an angle adjustable flange that allows you to
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Radiator Mounting Clamp

Sale: $45.00

This lightweight billet aluminum radiator mounting clamp eliminates the has
Dry Sump Tank, 3 Gallon, With Breather Tank

Sale: $307.08

These dry sump tanks are made from spun aluminum and feature a billet alumi
Throw Out Bearing, Hydraulic

Sale: $195.10

This hydraulic throw-out bearing is designed to be used with mini clutches
Steering Kit, #1

Sale: $144.82

1) Steering Wheel 1) Quick Release Hub 1) Mini Steering Quickener 1) Steeri
Radiator, Pro Series, Aluminum, GM

Sale: $213.00

The Pro Series Radiator features a standard core design with serpentine fin
3-Speed Shifter With Boot

Sale: $122.82

This lightweight three speed shifter has a flat mounting base that is desig
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