Disc Packs, 5.5" OT-II
Tiltons friction material offers higher static and dynamic friction along with lower wear rates. They offer the ability to perform at higher temperatures with increased performance as a replacement for QM and AP drive discs.

Item #: 64140-9-AA-06
Price: $158.57
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
64140-9-AA-06Disc Pack-OT-III-5.5"-1 1/8" x 10-2 Disc$158.57
64140-9-AA-36Disc Pack-OT-III-5.5"-1 5/32" x 26-2 Disc$158.57
64140-9-ABA-06Disc Pack-OT-III-5.5"-1 1/8" x 10-3 Disc$236.88
64140-9-ABA-36Disc Pack-OT-III-5.5"-1 5/32" x 26-3 Disc$236.88
64140-9-AC-05Disc Pack-OT-III-5.5"-1 1/16" x 10-2 Disc$158.57
64140-9-ACC-05Disc Pack-OT-III-5.5"-1 1/16" x 10-3 Disc$236.88

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