Drive Shaft, HDC, Aluminum, 1310 Series
This revolutionary new drive shaft form Coleman features a special core that absorbs harmonic vibrations transmitted between the transmission and rear end. The HDC(Harmonic Dampening Core) drive shaft features precision yokes, custom manufactured tight tolerance 3" O.D. aluminum tube, precision 1310 series u-joints.

Item #: 27180
Price: $285.95
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
27181Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,30 1/2"$285.95
27182Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,31"$285.95
27183Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,31 1/2"$285.95
27184Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,32"$285.95
27185Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,32 1/2"$285.95
27186Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,33"$285.95
27187Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,33 1/2"$285.95
27188Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,34"$285.95
27189Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,34 1/2"$285.95
27190Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,35"$285.95
27191Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,35 1/2"$285.95
27192Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,36"$285.95
27193Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,36 1/2"$285.95
27194Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,37"$285.95
27195Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,37 1/2"$285.95
27196Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,38"$285.95
27197Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,38 1/2"$285.95
27198Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,39"$285.95
27199Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,39 1/2"$285.95
27200Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,40"$285.95
27201Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,40 1/2"$285.95
27202Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,41"$285.95
27203Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,41 1/2"$285.95
27204Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,42"$285.95
27205Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,42 1/2"$285.95
27206Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,43"$285.95
27207Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,43 1/2"$285.95
27208Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,44"$285.95
27209Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,44 1/2"$285.95
27210Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,45"$285.95
27211Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,45 1/2"$285.95
27212Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,46"$285.95
27213Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,46 1/2"$285.95
27214Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,47"$285.95
27215Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,47 1/2"$285.95
27216Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,48"$285.95
27217Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,48 1/2"$285.95
27218Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,49"$285.95
27219Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,49 1/2"$285.95
27220Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,50"$285.95
27221Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,50 1/2"$285.95
27222Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,51"$285.95
27223Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,51 1/2"$285.95
27224Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,52"$285.95
27225Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,52 1/2"$285.95
27226Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,53"$285.95
27227Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,53 1/2"$285.95
27228Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,54"$285.95
27229Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,54 1/2"$285.95
27230Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,55"$285.95
27231Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,55 1/2"$285.95
27232Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,56"$285.95
27233Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,56 1/2"$285.95
27234Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,57"$285.95
27235Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,57 1/2"$285.95
27236Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,58"$285.95
27237Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,58 1/2"$285.95
27238Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,59"$285.95
27239Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,59 1/2"$285.95
27240Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,60"$285.95
27180Drive Shaft, Aluminum,HDC,30"$285.95
25075Slider Yoke$286.63

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Drive Shaft, HDC, Aluminum, 1310 Series

Drive Shaft, HDC, Aluminum, 1310 Series
SKU:  27180
Price: $285.95

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