Driving Gloves, Double Layer
Manufactured from the highest quality materials. Reinforced palm pad and grip points for the wheel. 3.2/5 SFI rated double layer. NOTE: Due to this product being SFI certified and dated they are shipped directly from the manufacturer.

Item #: 60010103
Price: $53.95
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
600010104Gloves, Double Layer, Medium, Black$53.95
600010105Gloves, Double Layer, Large,Black$53.95
600010106Gloves, Double Layer, X-Large, Black$53.95
600010107Gloves, Double Layer, XX-Large, Black$53.95
600010303Gloves, Double Layer, Small, Blue$53.95
600010304Gloves, Double Layer, Medium, Blue$53.95
600010305Gloves, Double Layer, Large, Blue$53.95
600010306Gloves, Double Layer, X-Large, Blue$53.95
600010307Gloves, Double Layer, XX-Large, Blue$53.95
600010403Gloves, Double Layer, Small, Red$53.95
600010404Gloves, Double Layer, Medium, Red$53.95
600010405Gloves, Double Layer, Large, Red$53.95
600010406Gloves, Double Layer, X-Large, Red$53.95
600010407Gloves, Double Layer, XX-Large, Red$53.95
60010103Gloves, Double Layer, Small, Black$53.95

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