Dry Sump, Drive Shaft

Item #: 1101
Price: $39.00
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
1101Dry Dump-Drive Shaft-3 Stage-SCP201$39.00
1101-ADry Dump-Drive Shaft-3 Stage-SCP201A$39.00
1101-1ADry Sump-Drive Shaft-1 Stage-SCP100$29.39
1101-1BDry Sump-Drive Shaft-1 Stage-SCP100A$29.39
1102Dry Sump-Drive Shaft-4 Stage-SCP204 / SCP204A$42.00
1102-1Dry Sump-Drive Shaft-4 Stage-BBC204B$42.00
1216Dry Sump-Drive Shaft-3 Stage-1.700 x 3 Stage$30.87
1270Dry Sump-Drive Shaft-3 Stage-1.450 x 3 Stage$35.49
1103Dry Sump-Drive Shaft-5 Stage Pump$44.00
1066-3Dry Sump-Shaft-Idler-3 Stage-SCP201$20.47
1066-3ADry Sump-Shaft-Idler-3 Stage-SCP201A$20.47
1066-4Dry Sump-Shaft-Idler-4 Stage-SCP204 / SCP204A$21.10
1066-1ADry Sump-Shaft-Idler-1 Stage-SCP100$15.01
1066-1BDry Sump-Shaft-Idler-1 Stage-SCP100B$15.01
1264-3Dry Sump-Shaft-Idler-3 Stage-1.450 x 3$20.47
1265-3Dry Sump-Shaft-Idler-3 Stage-1.700 x 3$18.50
1066-5Dry Sump-Shaft-Idler-5 Stage-All$23.40
1067-1ADry Sump-Stud-1 Stage-1.200-3.330 Long$5.29
1067-1BDry Sump-Stud-1 Stage-1.450-3.580 Long$5.29
1067-3Dry Sump-Stud-3 Stage-SCP201-6.150 Long$6.89
1067-3ADry Sump-Stud-3 Stage-SCP201A-6.400 Long$8.49
1067-4Dry Sump-Stud-4 Stage-SCP204 / 204A-7.825 Long$7.29
1331-3Stud-3 Stage-1.450-3.600 Long$5.85
1067-5Dry Sump-Stud-5 Stage Dry Sump Pump-9.250 Long$7.95
1067-5HDry Sump-Stud-5 Stage Dry Sump Pump-Cut Body$7.95
1114-1Dry Sump-Fitting--10 Port To -12 Fitting$10.19
1202Port Plug--10-Dry Sump Pump$5.46
1212PDry Sump-Port Plug--12$8.45
1202-10Dry Sump-Fitting--10 Port To -10 Fitting$7.19
1212-12Dry Sump-Fitting--12 Port To -12 Fitting$7.98
1212-16Dry Sump-Fitting--12 Port To -16 Fitting$8.19
1016-16Fitting--10 Port To -16 Hose$8.19
1210-10Dry Sump-Fitting--12 Port To -10 Hose$8.19
1045Dry Sump-Gear-Idler-1.450$30.05
1045KDry Sump-Drive Gear-1.450$31.39
1055Dry Sump-Gear-Idler-1.200$28.66
1055KDry Sump-Drive Gear-1.200 Wide$28.69
1055B-17Dry Sump-Gear-Idler-1.700 Wide$32.07
1055K-17Dry Sump-Drive Gear-1.700 Wide$32.49
1047Dry Sump. Body-1.450 -12 With O-Ring$54.39
1047-10Dry Sump-Body-1.450 -10 In -10 Out$59.50
1057Dry Sump-Body-1.200 -10 In -10 Out$63.79
1075Dry Sump-Body-.200 x 45 Deg.- -10 In / Out$62.79
1076Dry Sump-Body-1.450 x 45 Deg.--12 In / -10 Out$68.95
1077Dry Sump-Body-1.700 x 45 Deg.- -12 In / -10 Out$64.15
1245Dry Sump-Body-1.700 -12 IN -12 Out$55.95
1061-HDry Sump-Body-Front-Cut .150-5 Stage$52.99
16187O-Ring-Gear Body$3.99
1056Dry Sump-Body-Back$165.10
1056-RDry Sump-Body-Back-Reverse Rotation$165.10
1058Dry Sump-Mount Plate-3 Stage$42.25
1058-1Dry Sump-Mount Plate-4 Stage$48.75
1060Dry Sump Pump-Seperater Plate-4 Stage-.475$32.50
1060-ADry Sump Pump-Seperater Plate-4 Stage-.225$32.50
1061Dry Sump-Body-Front-Complete$65.00
1063Bearing Cap$9.75
1064Dry Sump-Adjusting Screw And Nut$7.29
1065Dry Sump-Poppet$13.39
1068Dry Sump-Mount Plate-3 & 4 Stage-SBC$35.49
1071Key-3/16 Square$4.29
1078Dry Sump-Plug-Valve Body$5.32
1087Dry Sump-Washer-Heat Treated & Ground-3/8" O.D.$1.59
1088Dry Sump-Washer-Heat Treated & Ground-7/16" O.D.$1.69
1215-4Dry Sump-Seal And Parts Kit$12.35
1260-1Spacer-1.200-Dry Sump$4.23
1260-2Spacer-1.450-Dry Sump$4.23
1260-3Spacer-1.700-Dry Sump$4.23
1289Dry Sump-Riser Plate-SB Chevy$34.80
1428Dry Sump-Nut-1/4-28 Allen$3.00
1472Dry Sump-Spring-High Pressure$2.39
1473Sry Sump-Spring-Medium Pressure$2.39
S5KBearing-Back Body$7.29
S7KBearing-Front Body$7.99
6373Seal-Front-Dry Sump Pump$6.50
1428-TDry Sump-Nut-Torx$3.00

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