Gloves, Turbo Plus
Features an elastic band with hook and loop rubber pull tab. Mesh fabric top for optimal comfort and flexibility. Premium synthetic leather, split palm for durability. Wrap around finger construction protects wear and tear zone. Reflective logo for increased visibility. Styles may vary slightly from picture.

Item #: 30400
Price: $19.95
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
16764Gloves, Turbo Plus, Blue, Medium$19.95
16765Gloves, Turbo Plus, Blue, Large$19.95
16766Gloves, Turbo Plus, Blue, X-Large$19.95
16767Gloves, Turbo Plus, Blue, XX-Large$19.95
16768Gloves, Turbo Plus, Black, Medium$19.95
16769Gloves, Turbo Plus, Black, Large$19.95
16770Gloves, Turbo Plus, Black X-Large$19.95
16771Gloves, Turbo Plus, Black, XX-Large$19.95
30402Gloves, Turbo Plus, Orange, Small$19.95
16772Gloves, Turbo Plus, Ornage, Medium$19.95
16773Gloves, Turbo Plus, Orange, Large$19.95
16775Gloves, Turbo Plus, Orange, XX-Large$19.95
30400Gloves, Turbo Plus, Blue, Small$19.95
30401Gloves, Turbo Plus, Black, Small$19.95
16774Gloves, Turbo Plus, Orange X-Large$19.95
30403Gloves, Turbo Plus, Red, Small$19.95
16776Gloves, Turbo Plus, Red, Medium$19.95
16777Gloves, Turbo Plus, Red, Large$19.95
16778Gloves, Turbo Plus, Red, X-Large$19.95
16779Gloves, Turbo Plus, Red, XX-Large$19.95

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