Pro Shocks "WB" series steel shocks are an inexpensive welded bearing, painted shock designed for non-coil-over applications. They are a gas cell shock that may be run upside down to reduce unsprung weight. "WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defect or other reproductive harm."

Item #: WB74
Price: $94.45
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
WB74Shock-Pro-Welded Bearing-7"-210 / 210$94.45
WB75Shock-Pro-Welded Bearing-7"-260 / 260$94.45
WB753Shock-Pro-Welded Bearing-7"-260 / 155$94.45
WB735Shock-Pro-Welded Bearing-7"-155 / 260$94.45
WB76Shock-Pro-Welded Bearing-7"-315 / 315$94.45
WB763Shock-Pro-Welded Bearing-7"-315 / 155$94.45
WB77Shock-Pro-Welded Bearing-7"-370 / 370$94.45
WB78Shock-Pro-Welded Bearing-7"-370 / 480$94.45
WB791Shock-Pro-Welded Bearing-7"-600 / 065$94.45
WB93Shock-Pro-Welded Bearing-9"-155 / 155$94.45
WB935Shock-Pro-Welded Bearing-9"-155 / 265$94.45
WB94Shock-Pro-Welded Bearing-9"-210 / 210$94.45
WB946Shock-Pro-Welded Bearing-9"-210 / 315$94.45
WB95Shock-Pro-Welded Bearing-9"-260 / 260$94.45
WB953Shock-Pro-Welded Bearing-9"-260 / 155$94.45
WB96Shock-Pro-Welded Bearing-9"-315 / 315$94.45
WB97Shock-Pro-Welded Bearing-9"-370 / 370$94.45

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