Shock, Penske, 7", Short Track, Sealed
These Penske shocks contain a nitrogen separator piston which keeps the shock oil from foaming. These shocks offer a lightweight aluminum body that is non-threaded and uses a standard coil-over sleeve kit. They are available in 7" and 9" lengths. Each shock features a stainless steel shaft with high angularity spherical rod ends. The 6061-T6 billet aluminum body is anodized red. They are available in all the Penske valve combinations. "WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm."

Item #: 10632
Price: $280.75
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
10632Shock-Penske-7"-Short Track-A / A+-Sealed$280.75
10633Shock-Penske-7"-Short Track-A / B-Sealed$280.75
10634Shock-Penske-7"-Short Track-A / B+-Sealed$280.75
10635Shock-Penske-7"-Short Track-A / C-Sealed$280.75
10637Shock-Penske-7"-Short Track-A+ / A-Sealed$280.75
10638Shock-Penske-7"-Short Track-A+ / C-Sealed$280.75
10639Shock-Penske-7"-Short Track-A+ / D-Sealed$280.75
10640Shock-Penske-7"-Short Track-B / B+-Sealed$280.75
10641Shock-Penske-7"-Short Track-B / C-Sealed$280.75
10642Shock-Penske-7"-Short Track-B+ / C-Sealed$280.75
10643Shock-Penske-7"-Short Track-C / C+-Sealed$280.75
10644Shock-Penske-9"-Short Track-A / A+-Sealed$280.75
10645Shock-Penske-9"-Short Track-A / B-Sealed$280.75
10646Shock-Penske-9"-Short Track-A / B+-Sealed$280.75
10647Shock-Penske-9"-Short Track-A / C-Sealed$280.75
10648Shock-Penske-9"-Short Track-A+ / B-Sealed$280.75
10649Shock-Penske-9"-Short Track-A+ / A-Sealed$280.75
10650Shock-Penske-9"-Short Track-A+ / C-Sealed$280.75
10651Shock-Penske-9"-Short Track-A+ / D-Sealed$280.75
10652Shock-Penske-9"-Short Track-B / B+-Sealed$280.75
10653Shock-Penske-9"-Short Track-B / C-Sealed$280.75
10654Shock-Penske-9"-Short Track-B+ / C-Sealed$280.75
10655Shock-Penske-9"-Short Track-C / C+-Sealed$280.75
10636Shock-Penske-7"-Short Track-A+ / B-Sealed$280.75

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