The Pro TA series steel shock is a take apart shock that is a gas cell design with removable ends and available in all compression and rebound valvings. The TA shock is revalvable and rebuildable.

Item #: TA730
Price: $142.29
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
TA730Shock-Pro-Take Apart-Steel-Smooth Body-7"-155/155$142.29
TA740Shock-Pro-Take Apart-Steel-Smooth Body-7"-210/210$142.29
TA746Shock-Pro-Take Apart-Steel-Smooth Body-7"-210/315$142.29
TA750Shock-Pro-Take Apart-Steel-Smooth Body-7"-260/260$142.29
TA753Shock-Pro-Take Apart-Steel-Smooth Body-7"-260/155$142.29
TA760Shock-Pro-Take Apart-Steel-Smooth Body-7"-315/315$142.29
TA763Shock-Pro-Take Apart-Steel-Smooth Body-7"-315/155$142.29
TA770Shock-Pro-Take Apart-Steel-Smooth Body-7"-370/370$142.29
TA780Shock-Pro-Take Apart-Steel-Smooth Body-7"-370/480$142.29
TA791Shock-Pro-Take Apart-Steel-Smooth Body-7"-600/065$142.29
TA930Shock-Pro-Take Apart-Steel-Smooth Body-9"-155/155$142.29
TA940Shock-Pro-Take Apart-Steel-Smooth Body-9"-235/235$142.29
TA950Shock-Pro-Take Apart-Steel-Smooth Body-9"-260/260$142.29
TA956Shock-Pro-Take Apart-Steel-Smooth Body-9"-260/350$142.29
TA960Shock-Pro-Take Apart-Steel-Smooth Body-9"-315/315$142.29
TA970Shock-Pro-Take Apart-Steel-Smooth Body-9"-370/370$142.29
TA980Shock-Pro-Take Apart-Steel-Smooth Body-9"-370/480$142.29

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