Tubing Bender
Bend roll cage and chassis tubing in the home shop. Portable Round Tubing Bender with welded steel frame is equipped with a hand operated, 8-ton hydraulic jack. Cast aluminum shoes are available with either a 7" radius for 1 1/2", 1 5/8", and 1 3/4" round tubing, or a 5" radius for 1 1/4", and 1" round tubing. Benders are easily converted by changing the shoe and roller. Total weight is only 42 lbs. for easy transporting.

Item #: 20888
Price: $474.91
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
20888Tubing Bender-With 1 3/4" Die And Roller$474.91
21801Tubing Bender-With 1 5/8" Die And Roller$474.91
21802Tubing Bender-With 1 1/2" Die And Roller$474.91
21803Tubing Bender-With 1 1/4" Die And Roller$474.91
21804Tubing Bender-With 1" Die And Roller$474.91
20889Tubing Bender-Die And Roller-1 3/4"-7" Radius$272.00
20890Tubing Bender-Die And Roller-1 5/8"-7" Radius$272.00
20891Tubing Bender-Die And Roller-1 1/2"-7" Radius$272.00
20892Tubing Bender-Die And Roller-1 1/4"-5" Radius$272.00
20893Tubing Bender-Die And Roller-1"-5" Radius$272.00

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