Valve Set, Bilstein
These valves are sold in sets, as listed below, with one compression and one rebound set of valves. They are available in digressive and linear styles. Each kit does one shock only.

Item #: 19600
Price: $15.79
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
19600Valve Set-3030-Digressive-Bilstein$15.79
19601Valve Set-4040-Digressive-Bilstein$15.79
19602Valve Set-5050-Digressive-Bilstein$15.79
19603Valve Set-6060-Digressive-Bilstein$15.79
19604Valve Set-7060-Digressive-Bilstein$15.79
19605Valve Set-6010-Digressive-Bilstein$15.79
19606Valve Set-6065-Digressive-Bilstein$15.79
19607Valve Set-5555-Digressive-Bilstein$15.79
19608Valve Set-4010-Digressive-Bilstein$15.79
19609Valve Set-4555-Digressive-Bilstein$15.79
19610Valve Set-3545-Digressive-Bilstein$15.79
19611Valve Set-180/120-Linear-Bilstein$15.79
19612Valve Set-220/120-Linear-Bilstein$15.79
19613Valve Set-200/180-Linear-Bilstein$15.79
19614Valve Set-300/100-Linear-Bilstein$15.79
19615Valve Set-180/90-Linear-Bilstein$15.79
19616Valve Set-230/178-Linear-Bilstein$15.79
19617Valve Set-208/72-Linear-Bilstein$15.79
19618Valve Set-230/100-Linear-Bilstein$15.79

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