Wheel, 15" x 10", Wide-5, Challenger
Challenger wheels are lightweight - competitively priced- spun shell wheels. This wheel out performs the rolled steel wheel without the premium spun shell price. The .095 thick spun formed shell mates with a full ring style center to create a strong, lightweight and affordable racing wheel ideal for asphalt racing. Gloss black powdercoat finish.

Item #: 22969
Price: $109.95
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
22969Wheel-15" x 10"-Wide-5-3" Off.-Challenger$109.95
22970Wheel-15" x 10"-Wide-5-4" Off.-Challenger$109.95
22971Wheel-15" x 10"-Wide-5-4 1/2" Off.-Challenger$109.95
22972Wheel-15" x 10"-Wide-5-5" Off.-Challenger$109.95
22973Wheel-15" x 10"-Wide-5-5 1/2" Off.-Challenger$109.95
22974Wheel-15" x 10"-Wide-5-6" Off.-Challenger$109.95
22975Wheel-15" x 10"-Wide-5-6 1/2" Off.-Challenger$109.95
22976Wheel-15" x 10"-Wide-5-7" Off.-Challenger$109.95

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Wheel, 15" x 10", Wide-5, Challenger

Wheel, 15" x 10", Wide-5, Challenger
SKU:  22969
Price: $109.95

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