Fuel Cell, Pro Cell

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Standard Equipment: * Ultra tough FIA-FT3 Certified Pro-Cell soft bladder with seam-less coating design for unmatched durability and safety. * Powder coated 20 gauge steel container, with external mounting flange. * Full foam baffling. * SF6x10E steel fill plate. * 2-1/2” threaded aluminum fill cap. * -8 pickup, * -8 return, * -8 roll over vent valve and sending unit provision. * For use with hydrocarbon fuels and ethanol blends up to and including E85. Note: Ethanol based fuels may reduce the life of foam baffling. Due to this product being FIA certified and dated it is shipped from the manufacturer. Please allow 7-10 working days to ship from manufacturer. PRO CELL, 2-1/2” FILL CAP