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ACCUSUMP™, Oil Accumulator
The 3 quart Accusump is ideal for V-8, V-6 and 4 cylinder engines. The ori...
Price: $244.79
ACCUSUMP™, Sandwich Adapter
This adapter goes between the filter and the engine block providing an eas...
Price: $97.55
Check Valve, Accusump
This check valve ensures that all the oil being discharged out of the accus...
Price: $25.70
ACCUSUMP™, Valve Kits
Manual or electric valve kit. The electric valve kit can be used when a m...
Price: $180.57
This hose kit is for installing an Accusump or oil input sandwich adapter ...
Price: $95.33
ACCUSUMP™, Fitting Kit
These fittings are for installing an Accusump into a system when using a r...
Price: $31.38
ACCUSUMP™, Mounting Clamp
These mounting clamps fit all 4-1/4” body Accusump accumulators. Sold as a pair. 
Price: $22.35

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