Spindle Assembly, Modular, Wide-5 And 5 x 5
These spindles feature a billet steel upright with a steel spindle snout and bolt-on billet aluminum steering arm, upper ball joint eye, and caliper bracket. The back side mounting surface of the upright is CNC machined flat so that the steering arm, upper ball joint eye and caliper bracket are mounted perfectly square with the spindle snout. These spindles are designed to eliminate flex. They are available to fit most standard asphalt chassis. Available with 5, 7 and 10 Deg. spindle inclination angles. The bolt-on caliper bracket is designed so it can be adjusted from 11 3/4" diameter rotors to larger diameter rotors simply by shimming the bracket.

Item #: 23999
Price: $279.82
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
23999Spindle Assembly-Left-10 Deg-Wide-5-Steel / Alum.$279.82
24000Spindle Assembly-Right-10 Deg-Wide-5-Steel / Alum.$279.82
24001Spindle Assembly-Right-7 Deg-Wide-5-Steel / Alum.$279.82
24002Spindle Assembly-Right-5 Deg-Wide-5-Steel / Alum.$279.82
24448Spindle Assembly-Left-10 Deg-5 x 5-Steel / Alum.$279.82
24449Spindle Assembly-Right-10 Deg-5 x 5-Steel / Alum.$279.82
24450Spindle Assembly-Right-7 Deg-5 x 5-Steel / Alum.$279.82
24451Spindle Assembly-Right-5 Deg-5 x 5-Steel / Alum.$279.82
23998Spindle Upright-Left-Wide-5-Steel$184.27
24003Spindle Upright-Right-Wide-5-Steel$184.27
25167Spindle Upright-Left-5 x 5-Steel$184.27
11382Steering Arm-Left-Aluminum-6141-Front Steer$91.49
22911Steering Arm-Right-7 Degree-Aluminum$91.49
22912Steering Arm-Right-5 Degree-Aluminum$91.49
22608Caliper Bracket-1 1/4"-Bolt-On-Aluminum$52.55
22895Upper Ball Joint Eye-5 Degree-Aluminum$81.88
22896Upper Ball Joint Eye-7 Degree-Aluminum$81.88
22897Upper Ball Joint Eye-10 Degree-Aluminum$81.88
25169Bolt Kit-Upper Ball Joint Eye$3.41
25170Bolt Kit-Caliper Bracket$2.66
10049Bolt-Steering Arm-Threaded Arm$3.07
25168Spindle Upright-Right-5 x 5-Steel$184.27
25692Caliper Bracket-GM-Bolt-On-Steel$44.96
25862Spindle Assembly-Left-12 Deg-Wide-5-Steel / Aluminum$279.82
25878Caliper Bracket-1 1/4"-Bolt-On-Steel$52.55

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Spindle Assembly, Modular, Wide-5 And 5 x 5

Spindle Assembly, Modular, Wide-5 And 5 x 5
SKU:  23999
Price: $279.82

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