Trailing Arm, 3/4" L/R Thread, Aluminum, Ez-Just
These aluminum split tube trailing arms make adjusting the length simple and quick. To adjust simply loosen the locking collar bolt and turn the tube. No more hassles with jam nuts. They are in stock in 1/2" increments up to 40" long. Note: add 1" to the length your existing tube.

Item #: 19219
Price: $43.16
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
19219Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X4" Long$43.16
19220Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X4 1/2" Long$43.16
19221Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X5" Long$43.16
19222Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X5 1/2" Long$43.16
19223Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X6" Long$43.16
19224Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X6 1/2" Long$43.16
19225Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X7" Long$43.16
19226Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X7 1/2" Long$43.16
19227Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X8" Long$43.16
19228Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X8 1/2" Long$43.16
19229Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X9" Long$43.16
19230Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X9 1/2" Long$43.16
19231Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X10" Long$43.16
19232Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X10 1/2" Long$47.60
19233Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X11" Long$47.60
19234Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X11 1/2" Long$47.60
19235Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"12" Long$47.60
19236Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X12 1/2" Long$47.60
19237Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X13" Long$47.60
19238Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X13 1/2" Long$47.60
19239Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X14" Long$47.60
19240Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X14 1/2" Long$47.60
19241Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X15" Long$47.60
19242Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X15 1/2" Long$47.60
19243Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X16" Long$47.60
19244Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X16 1/2" Long$47.60
19245Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X17" Long$47.60
19246Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X17 1/2" Long$47.60
19247Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X18" Long$47.60
19248Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X18 1/2" Long$47.60
19249Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X19" Long$47.60
19250Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X19 1/2" Long$47.60
19251Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X20" Long$47.60
19252Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X20 1/2" Long$52.05
19253Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X21" Long$52.05
19254Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X21 1/2" Long$52.05
19255Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X22" Long$52.05
19256Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X22 1/2" Long$52.05
19257Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X23" Long$52.05
19258Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X23 1/2" Long$52.05
19259Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X24" Long$52.05
19260Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X24 1/2" Long$52.05
19261Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X25" Long$52.05
19262Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X25 1/2" Long$52.05
19263Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X26" Long$52.05
19264Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X26 1/2" Long$52.05
19265Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X27" Long$52.05
19266Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X27 1/2" Long$52.05
19267Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X28" Long$52.05
19268Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X28 1/2" Long$52.05
19269Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X29" Long$52.05
19270Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X29 1/2" Long$52.05
19271Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X30" Long$52.05
19272Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X30 1/2" Long$56.49
19273Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X31" Long$56.49
19274Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X31 1/2" Long$56.49
19275Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X32" Long$56.49
19276Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X32 1/2" Long$56.49
19277Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X33" Long$56.49
19278Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X33 1/2" Long$56.49
19279Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X34" Long$56.49
19280Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X34 1/2" Long$56.49
19281Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X35" Long$56.49
19282Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X35 1/2" Long$56.49
19283Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X36" Long$56.49
19284Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X36 1/2" Long$56.49
19285Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X37" Long$56.49
19286Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X37 1/2" Long$56.49
19287Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X38" Long$56.49
19288Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X38 1/2" Long$56.49
19289Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X39" Long$56.49
19290Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X39 1/2" Long$56.49
18973Clamp-3/4" Ez-Just Trailing Arm$10.51
19291Trailing Arm-Ez-Just-3/4"X40" Long$56.49

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