Brake Caliper, Piston Reducer, GM, Metric
This piston reducer fits the popular GM mid-size caliper with 2 1/2" piston. It is designed to help balance the front to rear brake bias by adapting a smaller piston into the rear calipers. To install this kit simply remove the original piston, seal and o-ring. Install the caliper piston reducer, Install the snap ring into the original o-ring groove and install the piston and pad spacer. Reinstall the caliper and you"re ready to go. The caliper piston reducer kit features a billet aluminum body that is anodized for added life, chrome plated, centerless ground, steel pistons that offer added life to the o-rings, Viton o-rings and a heavy duty snap ring. This kit is designed to eliminate the problem of too much rear brake on cars that must use OEM calipers. Due to the use of a heavy duty snap ring it is recommended to use the 45 degree snap ring pliers sold below for installation. Caution: If the snap ring becomes airborn during installation it has the potential to cause serious injury. Always wear safety glasses, a face shield or a full face helmet with face shield when installing this snap ring. Note: Caliper Not Included With Kit. "WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm."

Item #: 21927
Price: $42.89
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
21927Brake Caliper-Piston Reducer-GM-Metric-1 1/2" Piston$42.89
21926Brake Caliper-Piston Reducer-GM-Metric-1 1/4" Piston$42.89
21925Brake Caliper-Piston Reducer-GM-Metric-1 1/8" Piston$42.89
21924Brake Caliper-Piston Reducer-GM-Metric-1" Piston$42.89
21944O-Ring-Caliper Piston Reducer$2.58
550-401O-Ring-Caliper-1 1/2" Diameter$3.15
550-400O-Ring-Caliper-1 1/4" Diameter$3.15
21943O-Ring-Caliper-1 1/8" Diameter$3.15
21942O-Ring-Caliper-1" Diameter$3.15
21931Brake Caliper-Piston Reducer Body-1 1/4"$19.49
21930Brake Caliper-Piston Reducer Body-1 1/8"$19.49
21929Brake Caliper- Piston Reducer Body-1"$19.49
21936Piston-Caliper Reducer-1 1/2"-GM Metric$16.83
21935Piston-Caliper Reducer-1 1/4"-GM Metric$16.83
21934Piston-Caliper Reducer-1 1/8"-GM Metric$16.83
21933Piston-Caliper Reducer-1"-GM Metric$16.83
21941Pad Spacer-Fits 1 1/2" Piston$11.76
21940Pad Spacer-Fits 1 1/4" Piston$11.76
21939Pad Spacer-Fits 1 1/8" Piston$11.76
21938Pad Spacer-Fits 1" Piston$11.76
21937Snap Ring-Fits All Caliper Piston Reducers$2.32
21928Pliers-Snap Ring-Heavy Duty-45 Degree$25.49
21927Brake Caliper-Piston Reducer-GM-Metric-1 1/2" Piston$42.89
21932Brake Caliper-Piston Reducer Body-1 1/2"$19.49

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Brake Caliper, Piston Reducer, GM, Metric

Brake Caliper, Piston Reducer, GM, Metric
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