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Lightweight, .810
This lightweight straight vane disc is available from .810” thick to .900 ...
Price: $94.47
8 Bolt 7.625” B.C., Straight Vane
These rotors fit all standard G.N. style hats and rotor plates with 8 bolt...
Price: $69.06
Brake Adjuster, 2:1 Ratio
This 2:1 brake bias adjuster is available in two styles, a clampon style ...
Price: $88.77
Rotor Hat, Spun Steel
These spun steel rotor hats are designed for use where rules do not allow...
Price: $55.93
Brake Fitting Adaptor
Price: $10.71
Brake Duct, Aluminum
These brake ducts are made from aluminum and are easy to install. Simply us...
Price: $18.47
Brake Pedal Assembly, W/Master Cyl., Coleman
This floor mount brake pedal kit comes complete with master cylinders and b...
Price: $239.57
Bolt, NAS 1/4-28 Hex Head
These 1/4-28 hex head aircraft quality shear bolts have a 160,000 to 180,0...
Price: $2.79
Option Cross Drilling
Cross drilling consists of a series of holes drilled thru the brake rotor,...
Price: $0.00
Brake Fluid, AP, High Temperature
AP600 brake fluid is designed specifically for use where higher temperature...
Price: $18.99
Master Cylinder Kit
Tiltons universal master cylinder kit includes all the parts necessary to m...
Price: $91.65
1.250”, 36 Vane, Directional
These rotors fit all standard wide-5 and 5 x 5 hubs with 8 bolt 7” bolt pa...
Price: $89.28
Lightweight, 1.250
This disc is available from 1-1/4” thick and up to 12-3/16” diameter. All ...
Price: $94.47
10 Bolt, 6.812” B.C., Directional Vane
These rotors fit all the old style 10 bolt wide-5, 5 x 5 hubs and others w...
Price: $89.28
Option Balance
Balancing is available on all brake rotors except solid disc rotors. Balan...
Price: $31.92

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