Caliper, 4 Piston, Series I
This caliper features a heavy duty cast aluminum body with fins for added cooling. It is available to fit disc thicknesses of .810" and 1 1/4" with outside diameters from 11 3/4" to 12 3/16". It uses the standard HB-101 or 7751 series brake pads. It is available with straight bore or staggered bore pistons and fits the standard 3 1/2" mount. Designed for use on dirt and asphalt late models.

Item #: 550-100
Price: $157.43
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
550-100Brake Caliper-Series I-1 1/4" Pistons-1 1/4" Disc-4-Piston$157.43
550-200Brake Caliper-Series I-1 1/2" Pistons-1 1/4" Disc-4-Piston$157.43
550-181Brake Caliper-Series I-1 1/4" Pistons-.81 Disc- 4-Piston$157.43
550-281Brake Caliper-Series I-1 1/2" Piston-.81 Disc-4-Piston$157.43
550-300Brake Caliper-Series I-1 5/8 / 1 3/4 Piston-1 1/4" Disc-4-Piston$174.29

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Caliper, 4 Piston, Series I

Caliper, 4 Piston, Series I
SKU:  550-100
Price: $157.43

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