Clutch, 8.5” Sportsman, Prolite, 15-1/2 Lbs.
The Pro-Lite sportsman clutch has been designed to reduce excess weight. It features machined scallops on the outside diameter of the flywheel, scallops around the mounting bolts and pockets on the backside to reduce weight to an absolute minimum. The aluminum top plate has also been scalloped on the outside and around the center bolt circle. This clutch also features a new 8-1/2” friction disc that is .75 pounds lighter than the standard disc. Must be used with a starter flexplate. Will work with Coleman Hydraulic Thow-Out Bearing 375-700.

Item #: 22808
Price: $566.12
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
22808Clutch-Pro-Lite-Chevy 1 1/8"-10 Spline-85 Older$566.12
24157Clutch-Pro-Lite-Chevy 1 1/8"-10 Spline-86 Newer$566.12
22809Clutch-Pro-Lite-Chevy 1 5/32"-26 Spline-85 Older$566.12
24158Clutch-Pro-Lite-Chevy 1 5/32"-26 Spline-86 Newer$566.12
22810Clutch-Pro-Lite-Ford 1 1/16"-10 Spline$566.12
22815Clutch-Flywheel-Chevy-85 or Older Crank$205.09
22816Clutch-Flywheel-Chevy-86 or Newer Crank$205.09
22811Clutch-Friction Disc-1 1/8"-10 Spline Chevy$166.83
22812Clutch-Friction Disc-1 5/32"-26 Spline Chevy$166.83
22813Clutch-Friction Disc-1 1/16"-10 Spline Ford$166.83
24155Clutch-Pressure Plate-Sportsman$148.71
22814Top Plate-Aluminum$110.09
397-101Clutch-Diaphragm Spring-Sportsman Clutch$36.32
397-103Clutch-Fulcrum Ring-Sportsman Clutch$22.03
10063Clutch-Slider Post Bolt$1.36
15847Clutch-Slider Post Spacers-Sportsman$1.36
397-SPClutch-Slider Post-Assembly-6 Pieces Required$9.89
BR633Lock Nut-5/16-24$0.60
14772Hold Down Bolt-Diaphragm$0.55
397-102Hold Down Spring-Replacement$6.48

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Clutch, 8.5” Sportsman, Prolite, 15-1/2 Lbs.

Clutch, 8.5” Sportsman, Prolite, 15-1/2 Lbs.
SKU:  22808
Price: $566.12

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