Cross Shaft, Slotted
These cross shafts feature bronze thrust washers that allow the a-arm to pivot freely. Uses flat aluminum slugs, heavy wall pivot bushings that limit distortion when welding. Ideal for making your own custom upper control arms.

Item #: 26337
Price: $53.20
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
22944Cross Shaft, Steel, Slotted, Single Slug$55.75
26338Slug, Aluminum, Flat, 0 Offset$4.76
26339Slug, Aluminum, Flat, 1/16" Offset$4.76
26340Slug, Aluminum, Flat, 1/8" Offset$4.76
26341Slug, Aluminum, Flat, 3/16" Offset$4.76
26342Slug, Aluminum, Flat, 1/4" Offset$4.76
26343Slug, Aluminum, Flat, 5/16" Offset$4.76
26344Slug, Aluminum, Flat, 3/8" Offset$4.76
26345Slug, Aluminum, Flat, 7/16" Offset$4.76
26346Slug, Aluminum, Flat, 1/2" Offset$4.76
26357Slug, Aluminum, Flat, Slotted$4.76
26347Washer, Bronze, Steel Cross Shaft, Inner and Outer, Steel, Inner$1.80
19469Washer, Bronze, Steel Cross Shaft, Outer$1.67
833-BJBushing, Aluminum Cross Shaft$5.85
22945Bushing, Steel Cross Shaft$5.85
24396Nut, Cross Shaft, Aluminum and Steel$0.94
609000Grease Fitting, All$0.95
26337Cross Shaft, Aluminum, Slotted, Single Slug$53.20
30908Washer, Back Up, Upper Control Arm$0.95
26097Tube, 1" X .109 Wall, 12" Long, U-Shape$21.95

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