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Oil Pan, SBC, 7 Qt., With Kick-Out
This pans sump is 6-1/2”” deep x 14” wide x 12” long and has a kick-out t...
Price: $323.91
Fan Spacer  / Adaptor
Adapts 2 1/8" B.C. water pump flange to 1 3/4" B.C. flange. 3/4" thick with...
Price: $20.39
Check Valve, Accusump
This check valve ensures that all the oil being discharged out of the accus...
Price: $25.70
Reducer Bushing, 3/4
This reducer bushing is made from aluminum and is designed to reduce 3/4" b...
Price: $4.48
Dry Sump Tank, 3 Gallon, With Internal Cooler
This tank has all the same features as our C-320 tank with the addition of...
Price: $449.35
Radiator Cap Plug
These soft rubber cap plugs are ideal for plugging the hose ends on spare r...
Price: $3.83
Motor Mounts, Chevy, Steel
These steel motor mounts fit the small and big block Chevy engines. The fro...
Price: $12.09
Distributor Clamp
This chrome plated distributor clamp fits the small block Chevy. Its heavy ...
Price: $7.58
This Holley jet set kit comes complete with plastic storage case. It includ...
Price: $73.45
Water Pump, Stage III, 5.625 Long
Stewart Stage III aluminum water pumps are assembled using 356-T6 heat trea...
Price: $207.87
Oil Filter Adaptor
Designed for wet sump systems where a remote filter is used. Fits SB and BB...
Price: $36.70
Clutch Assembly, 5.5
This new lightweight clutch weighs in at aonly 6 1/4 lbs. for a 2 disc and ...
Price: $1,026.48
Harmonic Balancer, Lightweight, Steel, Chevy ZZ383
This lightweight steel harmonic balancer fits the Chevy ZZ383 crate motor....
Price: $460.05
Pulley Spacer, Upper
This stamped aluminum pulley spacer is made to correctly align the upper an...
Price: $4.29
ACCUSUMP™, Valve Kits
Manual or electric valve kit. The electric valve kit can be used when a m...
Price: $180.57

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