Firesleeve hose flame shield can prevent or delay hose lines from burning. See hose specifications for the correct firesleeve to match each hose size. For other hose styles, select firesleeve with an I.D. slightly larger than the hose O.D. "WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm."

Item #: 13973
Price: $5.55
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Part #DescriptionRacer
13973Firesleeve-.440 I.D. (Per Foot)$5.55
13974Firesleeve-.500 I.D. (Per Foot)$9.39
13976Firesleeve-.620 I.D. (Per Foot)$9.49
13978Firesleeve-.750 I.D. (Per Foot)$9.69
16128Firesleeve-.880 I.D. (Per Foot)$9.89
16129Firesleeve-1.00 I.D. (Per Foot)$10.19
16130Firesleeve-1.120 I.D. (Per Foot)$10.29
16131Firesleeve-1.250 I.D. (Per Foot)$10.49
16132Firesleeve-1.380 I.D. (Per Foot)$10.89
16133Firesleeve-1.500 I.D. (Per Foot)$11.09

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SKU:  13973
Price: $5.55

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