Fuel Cell, Sportsman
The Sportsman cell is the most cost effective soft bladder fuel cell. Designed for use with all hydrocarbon fuels. Ethanol blend fuels may reduce the usable life of the foam baffling. Constructed with a proprietary pre-coated fabric that offers a great balance of performance and price.

Item #: SM108B
Price: $789.60
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
SM108BFuel Cell-Sportsman-8 Gallon-2 1/2" Filler$789.60
SM110Fuel Cell-Sportsman-10 Gallon-2 1/2" Filler$744.66
SM112Fuel Cell-Sportsman-12 Gallon-2 1/2" Filler$812.70
SM115Fuel Cell-Sportsman-15 Gallon-2 1/2" Filler$1,003.75
SM122BFuel Cell-Sportsman-22 Gallon-2 1/2" Filler$1,145.95
18280Fuel Cell-Sportsman-8 Gallon-Remote$829.60
18281Fuel Cell-Sportsman-10 Gallon-Remote$815.22
18282Fuel Cell-Sportsman-12 Gallon-Remote$856.80
18283Fuel Cell-Sportsman-15 Gallon-Remote$1,043.75
18284Fuel Cell-Sportsman-22 Gallon-Remote$1,195.89

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Fuel Cell, Sportsman

Fuel Cell, Sportsman
SKU:  SM108B
Price: $789.60

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