Hose, AQP
AQP racing hose is compatible with petrolium and synthetic lubricants, hydrocarbon fuels and liquid engine coolants. Its operates at higher temperatures for longer periods. Light and flexible, it is easy to work with and its stainless steel cover will ensure long-lasting durability. AQP racing hose also features a patented AQP elastomer inner tube that is resistant to oxidation, the effects of ozone and other various agents present in the air. Changes in physical properties due to shelf aging are nonexistent. Applications: Fuel, Lube, Coolant and Air. Continuous operating temperature from -450F to +3000F.

Item #: 13768
Price: $6.79
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
13768Hose--04-AQP (Per Foot)$6.79
13770Hose--06-AQP (Per Foot)$5.49
13772Hose--08-AQP (Per Foot)$6.49
13774Hose--10-AQP (Per Foot)$7.49
13776Hose--12-AQP (Per Foot)$8.49
13778Hose--16-AQP (Per Foot)$11.49
13779Hose--20-AQP (Per Foot)$14.99
13768Hose--04-AQP (Per Foot)$6.79
13770Hose--06-AQP (Per Foot)$10.49
13772Hose--08-AQP (Per Foot)$12.99
13774Hose--10-AQP (Per Foot)$14.99
13776Hose--12-AQP (Per Foot)$16.99
13778Hose--16-AQP (Per Foot)$22.99
13779Hose--20-AQP (Per Foot)$29.99
13768Hose--04-AQP (Per Foot)$6.79
13770Hose--06-AQP (Per Foot)$16.49
13772Hose--08-AQP (Per Foot)$19.49
13774Hose--10-AQP (Per Foot)$22.49
13776Hose--12-AQP (Per Foot)$25.49
13778Hose--16-AQP (Per Foot)$34.49
13779Hose--20-AQP (Per Foot)$44.99
13768Hose--04-AQP (Per Foot)$6.79
13770Hose--06-AQP (Per Foot)$21.99
13772Hose--08-AQP (Per Foot)$25.99
13774Hose--10-AQP (Per Foot)$29.99
13776Hose--12-AQP (Per Foot)$33.99
13778Hose--16-AQP (Per Foot)$45.99
13779Hose--20-AQP (Per Foot)$59.99
13768Hose--04-AQP (Per Foot)$6.79
13770Hose--06-AQP (Per Foot)$27.49
13772Hose--08-AQP (Per Foot)$32.49
13774Hose--10-AQP (Per Foot)$37.49
13776Hose--12-AQP (Per Foot)$42.49
13778Hose--16-AQP (Per Foot)$57.49
13779Hose--20-AQP (Per Foot)$74.99
13768Hose--04-AQP (Per Foot)$6.79
13770Hose--06-AQP (Per Foot)$32.99
13772Hose--08-AQP (Per Foot)$44.99
13774Hose--10-AQP (Per Foot)$57.30
13776Hose--12-AQP (Per Foot)$50.99
13778Hose--16-AQP (Per Foot)$84.00
13779Hose--20-AQP (Per Foot)$113.10
13768Hose--04-AQP (Per Foot)$6.79
13770Hose--06-AQP (Per Foot)$47.60
13772Hose--08-AQP (Per Foot)$58.10
13774Hose--10-AQP (Per Foot)$66.85
13776Hose--12-AQP (Per Foot)$74.90
13778Hose--16-AQP (Per Foot)$98.00
13779Hose--20-AQP (Per Foot)$131.95
13768Hose--04-AQP (Per Foot)$6.79
13770Hose--06-AQP (Per Foot)$54.40
13772Hose--08-AQP (Per Foot)$66.40
13774Hose--10-AQP (Per Foot)$76.40
13776Hose--12-AQP (Per Foot)$85.60
13778Hose--16-AQP (Per Foot)$112.00
13779Hose--20-AQP (Per Foot)$150.80
13768Hose--04-AQP (Per Foot)$6.79
13770Hose--06-AQP (Per Foot)$61.20
13772Hose--08-AQP (Per Foot)$74.70
13774Hose--10-AQP (Per Foot)$85.95
13776Hose--12-AQP (Per Foot)$96.30
13778Hose--16-AQP (Per Foot)$126.00
13779Hose--20-AQP (Per Foot)$169.65
13768Hose--04-AQP (Per Foot)$6.79
13770Hose--06-AQP (Per Foot)$68.00
13772Hose--08-AQP (Per Foot)$83.00
13774Hose--10-AQP (Per Foot)$95.50
13776Hose--12-AQP (Per Foot)$107.00
13778Hose--16-AQP (Per Foot)$140.00
13779Hose--20-AQP (Per Foot)$188.50
13768Hose--04-AQP (Per Foot)$6.79
13770Hose--06-AQP (Per Foot)$74.80
13772Hose--08-AQP (Per Foot)$91.30
13774Hose--10-AQP (Per Foot)$105.05
13776Hose--12-AQP (Per Foot)$117.70
13778Hose--16-AQP (Per Foot)$154.00
13779Hose--20-AQP (Per Foot)$207.35
13768Hose--04-AQP (Per Foot)$6.79
13770Hose--06-AQP (Per Foot)$81.60
13772Hose--08-AQP (Per Foot)$99.60
13774Hose--10-AQP (Per Foot)$114.60
13776Hose--12-AQP (Per Foot)$128.40
13778Hose--16-AQP (Per Foot)$168.00
13779Hose--20-AQP (Per Foot)$226.20
13768Hose--04-AQP (Per Foot)$6.79
13770Hose--06-AQP (Per Foot)$88.40
13772Hose--08-AQP (Per Foot)$107.90
13774Hose--10-AQP (Per Foot)$124.15
13776Hose--12-AQP (Per Foot)$139.10
13778Hose--16-AQP (Per Foot)$182.00
13779Hose--20-AQP (Per Foot)$245.05
13768Hose--04-AQP (Per Foot)$6.79
13770Hose--06-AQP (Per Foot)$95.20
13772Hose--08-AQP (Per Foot)$116.20
13774Hose--10-AQP (Per Foot)$133.70
13776Hose--12-AQP (Per Foot)$149.80
13778Hose--16-AQP (Per Foot)$196.00
13779Hose--20-AQP (Per Foot)$263.90
13768Hose--04-AQP (Per Foot)$6.79
13770Hose--06-AQP (Per Foot)$102.00
13772Hose--08-AQP (Per Foot)$124.50
13774Hose--10-AQP (Per Foot)$143.25
13776Hose--12-AQP (Per Foot)$160.50
13778Hose--16-AQP (Per Foot)$210.00
13779Hose--20-AQP (Per Foot)$282.75
13768Hose--04-AQP (Per Foot)$6.79
13770Hose--06-AQP (Per Foot)$108.80
13772Hose--08-AQP (Per Foot)$132.80
13774Hose--10-AQP (Per Foot)$152.80
13776Hose--12-AQP (Per Foot)$171.20
13778Hose--16-AQP (Per Foot)$224.00
13779Hose--20-AQP (Per Foot)$301.60
13768Hose--04-AQP (Per Foot)$6.79
13770Hose--06-AQP (Per Foot)$115.60
13772Hose--08-AQP (Per Foot)$141.10
13774Hose--10-AQP (Per Foot)$162.35
13776Hose--12-AQP (Per Foot)$181.90
13778Hose--16-AQP (Per Foot)$238.00
13779Hose--20-AQP (Per Foot)$320.45
13768Hose--04-AQP (Per Foot)$6.79
13770Hose--06-AQP (Per Foot)$122.40
13772Hose--08-AQP (Per Foot)$149.40
13774Hose--10-AQP (Per Foot)$171.90
13776Hose--12-AQP (Per Foot)$192.60
13778Hose--16-AQP (Per Foot)$252.00
13779Hose--20-AQP (Per Foot)$339.30
13768Hose--04-AQP (Per Foot)$6.79
13770Hose--06-AQP (Per Foot)$129.20
13772Hose--08-AQP (Per Foot)$157.70
13774Hose--10-AQP (Per Foot)$181.45
13776Hose--12-AQP (Per Foot)$203.30
13778Hose--16-AQP (Per Foot)$266.00
13779Hose--20-AQP (Per Foot)$358.15
13768Hose--04-AQP (Per Foot)$6.79
13770Hose--06-AQP (Per Foot)$136.00
13772Hose--08-AQP (Per Foot)$166.00
13774Hose--10-AQP (Per Foot)$191.00
13776Hose--12-AQP (Per Foot)$214.00
13778Hose--16-AQP (Per Foot)$280.00
13779Hose--20-AQP (Per Foot)$377.00

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