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Distributor, Pro Billet, Dual Pick-Up
CNC machined billet aluminum housing sports two output magnetic pick-ups. T...
Price: $339.36
E3 Spark Plugs
Price: $5.49
E3 Spark Plug Wire Sets
Price: $72.95
Coil, HVC Blaster
The MSD Super HEI kits are one of MSD"s solutions to the GM HEI"s common pr...
Price: $142.95
Distibutor Coil, HEI
This coil features special low induction, high temperature windings which c...
Price: $84.39
Ignition, Circle Track, 6T
This unit produces hot, full energy sparks with long duration to completel...
Price: $251.98
Coil, MSD, Blaster High Vibration
When using an MSD Blaster, 5, 6, or 7 series Ignition in applications such ...
Price: $62.49
Ignition Control, 6ALN
The 6ALN features a 6 pin weather tight connector with positive locking co...
Price: $340.95
Ignition Control, Circle Track, LS
This Ignition plugs directly into factory GM LS sensors and coils. Prepro...
Price: $329.95
Coil Wire Retainer, MSD
The MSD Coil Wire Retainer solves the problem of the coil wire coming loose...
Price: $19.50
Coil, MSD, Blaster 2 Kit
With a stock point style ignition, a ballast resistor must be placed in-lin...
Price: $59.99
RPM Modules
MSD RPM modules are available in odd or even RPM’s. Each kit contains 5 mo...
Price: $33.45
Coil, MSD, Blaster 2 And Blaster 3
The following Blaster Coils do not include a ballast resistor. When you are...
Price: $52.65
Weather Tight Connector
These weather tight connectors feature self-lubricating silicone seals tha...
Price: $11.95
Digital, Ignition Control, 6AL
The digital 6AL features a low profile housing, wiring routed out one end,...
Price: $229.95

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