Integral Ball Joints for Lower Control Arms
These integral ball joints are designed to be welded directly onto the the lower control arm. They eliminate the need for a ball joint sleeve and reduce the weight approximately 1/2 lb. each. Available in all standard ball joint sizes and also availabele with different length studs to adjust roll center. These low friction ball joints are racer adjustable and rebuildable.

Item #: 27653
Price: $65.29
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
27654Integral Ball Joint Assembly LCA 727 Stud$65.29
25360Ball Joint Body, LCA Fits Both Studs$38.93
25364Ball Joint Stud, GM 6141, +.125$38.93
25365Ball Joint Stud, GM 6141, +.250$38.93
25366Ball Joint Stud, GM 6141, +.375$38.93
25367Ball Joint Stud, GM 6141, +.500$38.93
25368Ball Joint Stud, GM 6141, +.625$38.93
25369Ball Joint Stud, GM 6141, +.750$38.93
27528Ball Joint Stud, Chrysler 727, Stock Length$38.93
27529Ball Joint Stud, Chrysler 727, -.125$33.15
27530Ball Joint Stud, Chrysler 727, -.250$33.15
27531Ball Joint Stud, Chrysler 727, -.375$33.15
27532Ball Joint Stud, Chrysler 727, +.125$38.93
27533Ball Joint Stud, Chrysler 727, +.250$38.93
27534Ball Joint Stud, Chrysler 727 + .375$38.93
27535Ball Joint Stud, Chrysler 727, +.500$38.93
27536Ball Joint Stud, Chrysler 727, +.625$38.93
27537Ball Joint Stud, Chrysler 727, +.750$38.93
25373End Cap Lower, Ball Joint Fits All$19.51
25375Grease Fitting$1.25
25065Set Screw, Lower Ball Joint$0.35
25377Castle Nut, Lower Ball Joint$0.80
25378Washer, Lower Ball Joint$0.35
25379Cotter Pin, Lower Ball Joint$0.35
27653Integral Ball Joint Assembly LCA 6141 Stud$65.29

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