Muffler Kit, 14", Pro-Lite
2 into 1 Muffler offers added torque and better flow over other mufflers. Complete kit includes (2) inlet elbows, (2) elbow clamps, (1) 18" or 24" muffler, (1) mounting bracket, (1) tail pipe clamp, (1) 4" to 5" adapter, and (1) 5" tail pipe elbow. This muffler features a 6" diameter body that is available 18" or 24" long. The tail pipe is designed to be adjusted so that the outlet can be rotated away from the area that the decibel meter is located. The muffler is easily rebuildable and all parts are available separately.

Item #: 16250
Price: $316.79
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
306-100End Cap-Muffler-Replacement$24.50
TTA400Clamp-4" I.D. To 4" O.D.$10.90
LE35030Exhaust-Y-Pipe-3 1/2"-2 Into 1-No End Cap$67.29
L35030Exhaust-Elbow-30 Degree-3.5" I.D. To 3.5" O.D.$31.23
OR540Exhaust Reducer-5" O.D. To 4" I.D.$17.47
MB600Mounting Bracket-Muffler$21.70
TTA350Clamp-3.5 I.D. To 3.5 O.D.$10.90
L50060Exhaust-Tail Pipe-5" I.D. To 5" O.D.$38.70
16250Muffler Kit, 14", Pro-Lite$307.69
22490Muffler, 14" Stainless Steel, Pro-Lite$274.80
306-101Packing, 14" Pro-Lite Muffler$38.39
306-102Muffler Core Tube, 14", Pro-Lite Muffler$54.67
A400Exhaust, Tail Pipe, 4" I.D. Inlet, 16" Long$27.04

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Muffler Kit, 14", Pro-Lite

Muffler Kit, 14", Pro-Lite
SKU:  16250
Price: $316.79

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Muffler, 14" Stainless Steel, Pro-Lite

Muffler, 14" Stainless Steel, Pro-Lite
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