Power Steering Pump Pulleys
KRC power steering pump pulleys are machined from billet aluminum and hard coated. Pulleys for aluminum and cast iron pumps are not interchangeable. "WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm."

Item #: 18955
Price: $69.61
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
18955Pulley, 6-1/2” Serpentine, Aluminum Pump$69.61
14093Pulley, 4.2” Serpentine, Aluminum Pump$57.92
10464Pulley, 8” V-Belt, Aluminum Pump$90.35
22657Pulley, 3.5” v-Belt, Aluminum Pump$44.65
22659Pulley, 4.2” Serpentine, Cast Iron Pump$57.92
22660Pulley, 40 Tooth HTD, Aluminum Pump$92.82
21336Pulley, 6” V-Belt, Aluminum Pump$95.84
30691Pulley, 6” V-Belt, Cast Iron Pump$109.95
30992Pulley, 8” V-Belt, Cast Iron Pump$83.95

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