Replacement Parts, Power Rack

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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
308451)Rack Housing, Remote Servo, W/Slave$180.81
226432)Rack Shaft, Power Rack, Tie Rod$166.85
306712)Rack Shaft, Assembly, W/Bump Ends$272.56
296452)Rack Shaft, Threaded For Bump Ends$139.14
125-1013)Rack Cover$30.38
125-1024)Rack Adjuster (2 Required)$8.05
107795)Jam Nut (2 Required)$1.21
107806)Screw, Top Plate$0.62
213787)Slave Mount, 1-1/4” Slave, Left Side$37.02
304307)Slave Mount, 1-1/2” Slave, Left Side$37.02
213778)Slave Mount, 1-1/4” Slave, Right Side$45.89
297208)Slave Mount, 1-1/2” Slave, Right Side$50.17
226449)Slave Cylinder, Dual Action, 1-1/4”$187.90
297359)Slave Cylinder, Dual Action, 1-1/2”$199.45
125-103A10)Wear Button, 1-7/8” Rack$10.97
125-103B10)Wear Button, 2” Rack$10.97
125-103C10)Wear Button, 2-1/2” Rack$10.97
125-103D10)Wear Button, 3” Rack$10.97
1581711)Bolt, Rack Stop (2 Required)$0.53
RP-250812)Grease Fitting (2 Required)$1.07
620113)Bearing, Pinion, Inner$5.96
2149114)Pinion, Power Rack, 1-7/8”$41.68
2149214)Pinion, Power Rack, 2”$41.68
2149314)Pinion, Power Rack, 2-1/2”$41.68
2149414)Pinion, Power Rack, 3”$41.68
3026314)Pinion, Power Rack, 3-1/4”$41.68
3016614)Pinion, Power Rack, 3-1/2”$41.68
3016714)Pinion, Power Rack, 4”$41.68
3026414)Pinion, Power Rack, 4-1/4”$41.68
3016814)Pinion, Power Rack, 4-1/2”$41.68
2264815)Hex Coupler, Pinion To Servo$22.25
2129316)Retainer, Cup, Lock Ring, Screws$68.20
2264517)Steering Joint, 3/4” x 30 Spline (.73 GM)$75.56
2258318)Servo, .185$355.16
2258418)Servo, .200$355.16
2258518)Servo, .210$355.16
2258618)Servo, .220$355.16
2258718)Servo, .235$355.16
2258818)Servo, .250$355.16
2258918)Servo, .265$355.16
2259018)Servo, .275$355.16
2254818)Servo, .300$355.16
RP-120-B19)RP-120-B Dust Boot (2 Required)$11.66
2123920)Hose, -6, 90 Degree Both Ends$30.69
2123821)Hose, -6, 90 Degree One End$30.69
1999522)Bolt, Slave Mount (2 Required)$0.89
1426523)Nut, Slave Mount (2 Required)$0.53
218211)Rack Housing, Integral Servo, W/Slave$180.81
2156724)Washer, Spacer, Slave Mount, 2”$4.57
2156624)Washer, Spacer, Slave Mount, 2-1/2”$4.57
2156524)Washer, Spacer, Slave Mount, 3”$4.57
931-RM25)Rod End, 5/8” Right$16.16
2538926)Spacer Reducer, 5/8” To 1/2”$7.43
3067227)Nut, 1/2-20, Flex Lock, Full Height$0.89
2587028)Bolt, HHCS, 1/2-20 x 2-1/2”, GR5$3.52
1105229)Washer, 1/2”, SAE$0.32
2985530)Bump End, Left, (Minus Items 25-29)$32.98
2985631)Bump End, Right, (Minus Items 25-29)$32.98
30169Spacer, Top Plate, 3-1/4” to 4-1/4”$14.95

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Replacement Parts, Power Rack

Replacement Parts, Power Rack

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