Seat Belt, 5 Point, V-Mount
The v-mount seat belts are available in three different mounting options, bolt-in, wrap-around and snap-in. Mounts directly to cross bar behind seat. They include a 2" wide crotch strap. Pull down adjusters. 16.1 SFI certified. NOTE: Due to this product being SFI certified and dated they are shipped directly from the manufacturer.

Item #: 1125401
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
1125701Seat Belt, 5-PT, V, Wrap-Around, Black$78.95
1125501Seat Belt, 5-PT, V, Snap-In, Black$78.95
1125403Seat Belt, 5-PT, V, Bolt-In, Blue$78.95
1125703Seat Belt, 5-PT, V, Wrap-Around, Blue$78.95
1125503Seat Belt, 5-PT, V, Snap-In, Blue$78.95
1125404Seat Belt, 5-PT, V, Bolt-In, Red$78.95
1125704Seat Belt, 5-PT, V, Wrap-Around, Red$78.95
1125504Seat Belt, 5-PT, V, Snap-In, Red$78.95
1125401Seat Belt, 5-PT, V, Bolt-In, Black$78.95

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