Seat, Intermediate
The Intermediate Double Rib Support 200 Layback seat is designed for most oval track applications. This seat is made from Tig welded .125 thick 5052 grade aluminum and mig welded inside for added strength. It features an aluminum extrusion around the perimeter for extra strength and safety. The seat bottom is contoured in the rear for multi-angled seat postion mounting and in front for thigh support. It also features a multi-position lap belt openings and submarine belt opening for easy mounting of belts. Contoured high density foam bottom provides comlete leg and inner thigh support with extra thick, high density foam on rib supports for comfort and safety. In stock with black vinyl appolstery only. Bolt-on Head, Shoulder and Leg supports also avaliable. These additional supports can easily be mounted on any Kirkey seat or to most other brand seats making them even safer and more comfortable. They give increased support to the thighs, shoulders and head under heavy cornering and especially in case of a side impact.

Item #: 25108
Price: $213.45
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
25108Seat-Intermediate-16"-No Cover$213.45
25109Seat-Intermediate-17"-No Cover$213.45
25110Seat-Intermediate-18"-No Cover$213.45
25111Seat-Cover-Seat-16"-Black Vinyl$97.01
25112Seat-Cover-Seat-17"-Black Vinyl$97.01
25113Seat-Cover-Seat-18"-Black Vinyl$97.01
25114Seat-Head Support-Right-No Cover$27.81
25115Seat-Head Support-Left-No Cover$27.81
25171Seat-Cover-Head Support-Right-Black Vinyl$11.50
25172Seat-Cover-Head Support-Left-Black Vinyl$11.50
25116Seat-Shoulder Support-Right-No Cover$33.39
25117Seat-Shoulder Support-Left-No Cover$33.39
25173Seat-Cover-Shoulder Support-Right-Black Vinyl$12.55
25174Seat-Cover-Shoulder Support-Left-Black Vinyl$12.55
25118Leg Support-Right-No Cover$39.95
25119Leg Support-Left-No Cover$39.95
25175Seat-Cover-Leg Support-Rght-Black Vinyl$13.89
25176Seat-Cover-Leg Support-Left-Black Vinyl$13.89

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Seat, Intermediate

Seat, Intermediate
SKU:  25108
Price: $213.45

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