Shock Nut Wrench, Anti Slip, Double End, Angled
These wrenches are designed to go with the specially designed anti slip shock nuts that make preloading your springs a breeze. The anti slip nuts feature a dual flange that the wrench sits in keeping the wrench from slipping out while adjusting the preload on your springs.

Item #: 27502
Price: $11.31
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
27502Shock Nut Wrench-Anti Slip-Double End Angled$11.31
27503Shock Nut Wrench-Anti Slip-Single End Angled$9.99
27504Shock Nut Wrench-Anti Slip-Single End Flat$9.52
27549Ride Height Adjuster, Anti Slip, Pro Schock$21.17
27550Ride Height Adjuster, Anti Slip, 7500 Series Penske$21.17
27551Ride Height Adjuster, Anti Slip, Coleman Sleeve$21.17
27552Ride Height Adjuster, Anti Slip, 7400 Series Penske$21.17
27553Ride Height Adjsuter, Anti Slip, Advanced Suspension$21.17

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