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Steering Shaft, Split Collar, 7/8
These aluminum split collars are designed to clamp to 7/8” steering shafts...
Price: $20.94
Power Steering Pumps
Sweet pumps have been used in all types of racing. Available in aluminum ...
Price: $315.95
Power Steering Servo
Sweet power steering servos will work with all popular power steering pumps. 
Price: $485.94
Steering Wheel, 16
This is the lightest steering wheel available, features a shot peened surf...
Price: $88.26
Steering Joint, Aluminum, 3/4
Made from aluminum with needle bearings for a smooth feel. Splined on both...
Price: $109.89
Rod End, Steering shaft, Aluminum, 7/8”, Oversize
This rod end has an .007” oversize 7/8” bore that fits 7/8” aluminum steer...
Price: $77.88
Steering Joint, Needle Bearing Style
4140 steel with needle bearings for a smooth feel. Available with smooth a...
Price: $66.13
Power Steering Tank, Bolt-On
This aluminum bolt on reservoir tank fits the KRC pumps. Available to fit ...
Price: $119.19
Steering Wheel, Aluminum, 15” and 17”
These aluminum steering wheels feature a fully padded foam grip. And fits...
Price: $55.95
Rod End, Steering Shaft, Steel, 3/4” Oversized
This rod end has an .007” oversize 3/4” bore that fits 3/4” D.O.M. steerin...
Price: $31.90
Steering Wheel, Aluminum, 16”, Oval
These oval designed wheels increase vision over the top of the wheel. They...
Price: $269.64
Rack and Pinion, Square Rack, Power, Tie Rod
This rack utilizes a square rack shaft that will not roll in the housing. I...
Price: $1,209.42
Power Steering, Pump Bracket Kits
Sweet power steering pump mounting brackets are made from billet aluminum a...
Price: $60.15
Power Steering, Servo Mount
This bracket welds to the frame or the roll bar to mount the power steerin...
Price: $4.24
Steering Wheel, Mount Kit with Quickener
This kit contains the following: 1) 21950 Hub, 1) Steering Quickener, 1) ...
Price: $329.95

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