An adjustable rate sway bar allows for infinite adjustment of the front to rear roll stiffness relationship, or "roll couple". Roll stiffness is one of the key chassis adjustments that has a predictable effect on the cars handling. Sway bar mounting kit fits 2" x 3" frame rails. Sway bar mounting kit sold separately.

Item #: 21919
Price: $211.25
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Part #DescriptionRacer
21919Sway Bar-Adjustable-1 1/8"-45.5"-266 to 400 Lbs.$211.25
21920Sway Bar-Adjustable-1 1/4"-45.5"-385 to 578 Lbs.$186.90
21921Sway Bar-Adjustable-1 3/8"-45.5"-534 to 802 Lbs.$222.15
21922Sway Bar Mounting Kit-Adjustable Rate Sway Bar$104.62
21923Eye-1 3/8" to 1 1/2" Sway Bar$34.75

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