Tie Rod, Steel
These tie rod sleeves are made from 13/16" O.D. x .120 wall steel tubing and have 3/4" flats on both ends. They have 5/8" right and left hand threads. In stock up to 40". Custom lengths available.

Item #: RP-129-4
Price: $9.71
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
RP-129-4Tie Rod-Steel-4"$9.71
RP-129-045Tie Rod-Steel-4 1/2"$9.78
RP-129-5Tie Rod-Steel-5"$9.86
RP-129-55Tie Rod-Steel-5 1/2"$9.94
RP-129-6Tie Rod-Steel-6"$10.02
RP-129-65Tie Rod-Steel-6 1/2"$10.10
RP-129-7Tie Rod-Steel-7"$10.19
RP-129-75Tie Rod-Steel-7 1/2"$10.27
RP-129-8Tie Rod-Steel-8"$10.34
RP-129-85Tie Rod-Steel-8 1/2"$10.42
RP-129-9Tie Rod-Steel-9"$10.50
RP-129-10Tie Rod-Steel-10"$10.66
RP-129-105Tie Rod-Steel-10 1/2"$10.73
RP-129-11Tie Rod-Steel-11"$10.81
RP-129-115Tie Rod-Steel-11 1/2"$10.89
RP-129-12Tie Rod-Steel-12"$10.97
RP-129-125Tie Rod-Steel-12 1/2"$11.05
RP-129-13Tie Rod-Steel-13"$11.12
RP-129-135Tie Rod-Steel-13 1/2"$11.20
RP-129-14Tie Rod-Steel-14"$11.28
RP-129-145Tie Rod-Steel-14 1/2"$11.36
RP-129-095Tie Rod-Steel-9 1/2"$10.11
RP-129-15Tie Rod-Steel-15"$11.44
RP-129-155Tie Rod-Steel-15 1/2"$11.51
RP-129-16Tie Rod-Steel-16"$11.59
RP-129-17Tie Rod-Steel-17"$11.75
RP-129-175Tie Rod-Steel-17 1/2"$11.83
RP-129-18Tie Rod-Steel-18"$11.90
RP-129-185Tie Rod-Steel-18 1/2"$11.98
RP-129-19Tie Rod-Steel-19"$12.06
RP-129-195Tie Rod-Steel-19 1/2"$12.14
RP-129-20Tie Rod-Steel-20$12.22
RP-129-205Tie Rod-Steel-20 1/2"$12.29
RP-129-21Tie Rod-Steel-21"$12.37
RP-129-215Tie Rod-Steel-21 1/2"$12.45
RP-129-22Tie Rod-Steel-22"$12.53
RP-129-225Tie Rod-Steel-22 1/2"$12.61
RP-129-23Tie Rod-Steel-23"$12.68
RP-129-235Tie Rod-Steel-23 1/2"$12.76
RP-129-24Tie Rod-Steel-24"$12.84
RP-129-245Tie Rod-Steel-24 1/2"$12.92
RP-129-25Tie Rod-Steel-25"$13.00
RP-129-255Tie Rod-Steel-25 1/2"$13.07
RP-129-26Tie Rod-Steel-26"$13.15
RP-129-265Tie Rod-Steel-26 1/2"$13.23
RP-129-27Tie Rod-Steel-27"$13.31
RP-129-275Tie Rod-Steel-27 1/2"$13.39
RP-129-28Tie Rod-Steel-28"$13.46
RP-129-285Tie Rod-Steel-28 1/2"$13.54
RP-129-29Tie Rod-Steel-29"$13.62
RP-129-295Tie Rod-Steel-29 1/2"$13.70
RP-129-30Tie Rod-Steel-30"$13.78
RP-129-305Tie Rod-Steel-30 1/2"$13.85
RP-129-31Tie Rod-Steel-31"$13.93
RP-129-315Tie Rod-Steel-31 1/2"$14.01
RP-129-32Tie Rod-Steel-32"$14.09
RP-129-325Tie Rod-Steel-32 1/2"$14.19
RP-129-33Tie Rod-Steel-33"$14.27
RP-129-335Tie Rod-Steel-33 1/2"$14.35
RP-129-34Tie Rod-Steel-34"$14.43
RP-129-345Tie Rod-Steel-34 1/2"$14.50
RP-129-35Tie Rod-Steel-35"$14.61
RP-129-355Tie Rod-Steel-35 1/2"$14.69
RP-129-36Tie Rod-Steel-36"$14.76
RP-129-365Tie Rod-Steel-36 1/2"$14.84
RP-129-37Tie Rod-Steel-37"$14.92
RP-129-375Tie Rod-Steel-37 1/2"$15.00
RP-129-385Tie Rod-Steel-38 1/2"$15.15
RP-129-39Tie Rod-Steel-39"$15.23
RP-129-395Tie Rod-Steel-39 1/2"$15.31
RP-129-40Tie Rod-Steel-40"$15.39
RP-129-165Tie Rod-Steel-16 1/2"$11.67
RP-129-405Tie Rod-Steel-40 1/2"$15.47
RP-129-41Tie Rod-Steel-41"$15.54
RP-129-415Tie Rod-Steel-41 1/2"$15.62
RP-129-42Tie Rod-Steel-42"$15.70
RP-129-425Tie Rod-Steel-42 1/2"$15.78
RP-129-43Tie Rod-Steel-43"$15.86
RP-129-435Tie Rod-Steel-43 1/2"$15.93
RP-129-44Tie Rod-Steel-44"$16.01
RP-129-445Tie Rod-Steel-44 1/2"$16.09
RP-129-455Tie Rod-Steel-45 1/2"$16.25
RP-129-46Tie Rod-Steel-46"$16.32
RP-129-465Tie Rod-Steel-46 1/2"$16.40
RP-129-47Tie Rod-Steel-47"$16.48
RP-129-475Tie Rod-Steel-47 1/2"$16.56
RP-129-48Tie Rod-Steel-48"$16.64
RP-129-485Tie Rod-Steel-48 1/2"$16.71
RP-129-49Tie Rod-Steel-49"$16.79
RP-129-495Tie Rod-Steel-49 1/2"$16.87
RP-129-50Tie Rod-Steel-50"$16.95
RP-129-4Tie Rod-Steel-9 1/2"$9.71
RP-129-45Tie Rod-Steel-45"$16.17

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