Weight Jack, Swivler
The swivler weight jack features a ball and socket that allows the spring seat to sit flat on the top of the spring. This allows the spring to work free without any bind. The swivler is available in two styles, the welded style which is universal and fits all conventional springs, and the pro-style which has a bolt-on spring tube that is available to fit different spring inside diameters for a more precise fit.

Item #: 20801
Price: $41.98
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All associated parts and sub-assemblies for the above product are listed below:

Part #DescriptionRacer
20801Weight Jack-Swivler-Welded$41.98
20802Weight Jack-Swivler-Pro-Style-3 1/4"$45.19
20803Weight Jack-Swivler-Pro-Style-3 1/2"$47.29
20804Weight Jack-Swivler-Pro-Style -3 3/4"$49.95
20805Weight Jack-Swivler-Pro-Style-4"$49.95
21744Spring Guide-Pro Style-3 1/4"$13.29
21745Spring Guide-Pro Style-3 1/2"$13.29
21746Spring Guide-Pro Style-3 3/4"$13.29
21747Spring Guide-Pro Style-4"$10.99
30273Weight Jack, Swiveler, Pro-Style, 4-1/4"$50.95
30274Weight Jack, Swiveler, Pro-Style, Plate Only$35.95
30275Spring Guide, 4-1/4"$14.95
30276Jack Bolt, 6", 1" -8 Thread, Hex Head$10.49
30277Jack Bolt, 8", 1" -8 Thread, Hex Head$10.49
30278Jack Bolt, 11", 1" -8 Thread, Hex Head$11.49

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